Elliott Woods Nature Preserve

Elliot Woods Nature Preserve
Address: S Trueblood Place, Terre Haute, IN 47802
Phone Number: 812-462-3391 (Admin Office)


Elliott Woods, located adjacent to Prairie Creek Park north of West French Drive, is a unique woodland. Its canopy of trees has all but eliminated under-story growth, making visibility good for woodland recreational activities. At least twenty-six species of trees, eleven varieties of flowers, and nine species of wildlife have been recorded. Elliott Woods Trail, a 1.5 mile trail, was completed in 2009 and winds through the property. Parking and access to the Elliott Woods Trail are located within Prairie Creek Park.


In January 2000,  80 acres of land located north of Prairie Creek Park was purchased from Arlen Elliott. The purchase extended Prairie Creek Park to 282.725 acres.

Elliott Woods Photos

Elliott Woods Trailhead
Elliott Woods Trailhead
Elliott Woods Trail Map


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