2020-2024 VCPRD Master Plan

VCPRD 2020-2024 Master Plan (Click here to view full master plan)

Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department is a key provider of natural spaces, recreational opportunities, and educational programming for the county. The nearly 2,700 acres of versatile parkland managed by the department is valued by its community and appreciated by its users. The Vigo parks system is dedicated to passive and active recreational areas where families and individuals can recreate through hiking, camping, playing, fishing, boating, biking, wildlife viewing, learning, and so much more. Vigo County public parkland currently encompasses a unique combination of open space, forests, prairies, lakes, wetlands, historical sites, and community parks.

A comprehensive parks and recreation master plan sets forth a five-year strategy that is challenging yet achievable. In the past decade, the Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department has seen nominal annual budget increases and has undergone tremendous growth, acquiring hundreds of acres, without having significant staff growth and expanding community programming. With nearly complete administrative turnover in the past year, the department has made incredible strides in bolstering a culture of productivity and hard work. The Vigo County Parks and Recreation staff are dedicated to maintaining and enjoying the beautiful parkland they call home.

The 2020-2024 Master Plan provides an appropriate road map for the Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department to implement the expressed wants and needs of the public with a sound understanding of the milestones required to achieve success, through industry best practices, preparing the department to achieve excellence and best serve the citizens of Vigo County

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