Prairie Creek Park

Prairie Creek Park                                                                                                              Address: 3032 West French Drive, Terre Haute, IN 47802                                    Park Phone: 812-898-2279

Full-Time Staff

  • Jeff Bunch, Maintenance Specialist
  • Mark Wiggins, Maintenance Specialist

Park Caretakers

  • Jeff & Rhonda Bunch

Park Overview & Features:

Situated on West French Drive, Prairie Cree Park is four miles west of U.S. 41 and one and six-tenths miles east of State Road 63 making it accessible from either highway. The park is a multipurpose park. Its distinctive feature is a beautiful grove of old growth sugar maple trees that in the fall of the year turn to a brilliant golden yellow, red and orange.

Within the park proper, one long, moderate, continuous trail winds in and about the grounds with numerous access points. A small family graveyard sits on a hilltop, undisturbed in the woods on the east side of the park. Members of the Kerchieval family rest in peace at the very old site.

On its south border, Prairie Creek Park adjoins a 13.4 acre lake. At the front of the park is a small 1.8 acre pond. Channel catfish, largemouth bass. Redear sunfish, bluegill, and black crappie are found in these bodies of water.

The campground has approximately 40 modern sites with electricity and no primitive sites. The campground is divided into two sections, one much smaller than the other. Groups wanting to experience primitive camping set up tents in the small; clearing south of the pond, or set up in the smaller campground area, to keep their group contained. A modern shower house, restrooms and a dump station are available to campers.

Two picnic shelters on the parkland each seat 80 people comfortably and are available as rentals year-round. A large playground adjacent to Maple Shelter. Across from Maple Shelter is a ball field with a backstop. Centered between the campground and the shelters is a multipurpose court with two tennis courts and basketball goals that attract enthusiasts of both sports. Nearby are four sets of horseshoe pits. To reserve picnic shelters please call our Administrative Office at 812-462-3392. 

Maple Sugar Bush Syrup Operation

Prairie Creek Park is best known for its Sugar Camp. In late January- early March, maple trees are tapped within the park. The sap is collected and routes, using plastic tubing and a pump systems, to a holding tank located next to the Sugar Cabin. The Sugar Cabin is an authentic log cabin with evaporating equipment to produce maple syrup. As maple syrup is produces, it is filtered, bottled and available for purchase. The Sugar Cabin is open to visitors anytime a sufficient amount of sap is available to fire the evaporator.

Maple Mark


Prairie Creek Park was added to the Vigo County parks system in 1972. The land, 107.25 acres located in Prairie Creek Township in the southern end of the county, was acquired from the Prairie Creek Conservancy District. The park was named after Prairie Creek which flows through the township.  The Parks and Recreation Department shares an adjacent Public Law 566 flood control lake with private land owners to the northwest. In 1983, Ruth Newlin deeded an additional eight acres of land to the west of the park. Prairie Creek Park grew to 202. 75 acres in 1997, when the park purchased 87.5 acres of land to the east from Karolyn Logan. In January 2000, an additional 80 acres of land located north, across the road from the park, was purchased from Arlen Elliott extending Prairie Creek Park to 282.725 acres. This extension of Vigo County parkland was classified as a nature preserve and named Elliott Woods Nature Preserve and is a sought out destination for nature emersion peaceful hikes and solitude.


Persimmon Picnic Shelter
Front Pond    
Playground & Basketball Goals
Fishing Pier