Lee Fields Park

Lee Fields Park                                                                                                                                          Address: 2430 Bentine Lane, West Terre Haute, IN 47885                                  Total Acreage: 7.88 acres                                                                                                 Maintenance Specialist: Oscar Tevlin

Lee Fields Park, 7.88 acres, is a neighborhood park located on Ferguson Hill in Sugar Creek Township off U.S. Highway 150. The land had once been the playground of the old Concannon High School and was deeded to the Park Board in April, 1975, by the Vigo County School Corporation. The park was named Lee Fields in honor of a West Terre Haute businessman and Rotarian who had spent many years developing recreational facilities and programs for young people in the area.

The park has a small playground, a multipurpose court with basketball goals, a softball field with back stop, an open field, a picnic shelter, and a wooded area. As no rest rooms are available in this park, a stone water fountain was installed especially for those individuals participating in sports.

Lee Fields Park is used mainly by neighborhood children and families, local school baseball and football teams for practice, and joggers.

Lee Fields Park Photos