Fowler Park Log Barn Rental


Log Barn Features & Amenities:

  • Seats 100
  • Kitchen (bring own utensils)
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Rest Rooms
  • Electricity & Water

Log Barn Rental Rules & Responsibilities


All rentals are to park in parking lot behind barn. Parking is prohibited in the Fowler Park Pioneer Village past split rail fence.


  • May 1 – October 15, pick up & drop off at the entrance gatehouse.
  • October 16 – April 30, pickup & drop off at Caretaker house.


Decorations cannot be attached to walls. Decorations may be strung on wood beams or free standing. No tacks, nails, staples, or tape.


No smoking inside building or within 50 feet of building. Place all cigarettes in canister provided. PLEASE do NOT  leave your cigarette butts on the ground. 


No alcoholic beverages are permitted within Log Barn or park premises.


Take down ALL decorations, pick up trash, wash tables and chairs, clean up kitchen, and sweep floors. Put filled trash bags in hallway near restroom. 

Furniture and Floors:

Do not slide tables, chairs or any other items on tile floor. Do not remove trash barrels. Chairs and tables may not be taken outdoors.


You are responsible for ensuring facility is returned to the condition you found it.