Cochran-Plummer Cabin

Cochran Cabin & Cochran-Plummer Cabin
The Cochran Cabin of Pioneer Village was originally located in Jackson Township, Owen County. Built in 1825-1826 by Campbell and Jane Cochran. Donated to the Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department by George Spelbring in 1992. Park staff and volunteers moved and reconstructed the cabin in Fowler Park Pioneer Village in 1995. An unfortunate accident occurred in Fall 2017, causing a fire and a loss of most of the Cochran Cabin.

The Department was able to salvage the foundation and chimney from the original structure. In fall 2017, a donation was made by the Haywood Trust to reclaim a cabin in Plummer, Indiana located in Greene County. This cabin was roughly a match for the original structure of the Cochran Cabin and was rebuilt to the same specification as the original Cochran Cabin. Staff and volunteers completed reconstruction of the Cochran-Plummer cabin at Fowler Park Pioneer Village in winter 2018.